What makes you tick?

As in, are you clear about why you do the things you do in business? 

And, perhaps more importantly, why you avoid doing the things you know you ‘should’ do?

In January 2023, Interact, an employee communications software company, stated (based on a Gallup Report) that the approach, style and success of company managers have a greater effect than any other workplace function.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Your preferred style (i.e. your behaviour – what comes naturally to you and the way you interact with others) impacts the actions your team takes daily.

And those actions impact directly on your business results.

Can you predict what impact your behavioural style is having?

One of the best tools I know of and am a huge advocate of for business leaders is Extended DISC.

This is a behavioural assessment tool that identifies your strengths and development areas. 

It’s used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies and millions of individuals worldwide.

In a nutshell, there are four primary DISC behavioural styles:

D – Dominance

They prefer to move fast, take risks and get things done now

I – Influence

They are people-oriented, spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic

S – Steadiness

They are calm, patient, modest and loyal

C – Compliance

They are exact, logical and analytical and are excellent problem solvers

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more to it, but here are some ways it could be playing out in your business:

  • D – you are a big-picture thinker who is comfortable with challenge and changes at a fast pace. What do you need to do to bring along those team members who are slower to adapt to change?
  • I – you love variety and fun and focus on people, but avoid conflict. Who are you avoiding difficult conversations with and what impact is that having on the business culture?
  • S – you value comfort and security and want to show others you’re reliable. How is this holding you back from taking risks? Or from taking on the work of others rather than pushing it back onto them?
  • C – you make decisions based on facts and figures and tend to be the most reserved of the four styles. Where could this create a barrier when it comes to communicating with all members of your team?

Of course, we aren’t just one style but rather a mix of at least a couple. 

And our DISC style is not our full identity, but rather a predictor of our behaviour.

But given the impact your style has on your business results, wouldn’t you agree that it’s something worth knowing more about?

If your interest is piqued, get in touch and let’s talk about how completing your personal Extended DISC profile could help you be a better leader in your business.

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