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Ongoing programs combining coaching, training and behind the scenes strategic support.


Transformational coaching frameworks embedded within the organisation.

Profile leaders

Evaluating your lead team to unlock the 3 key things that will improve their performance.



Access to best practice, current leadership resources for peak performance.

Total Immersion

Full day training sessions to equip, engage and empower leaders.


Nicky & Ness bring their combined 50 years leadership experience to each client.

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence.

Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.

*Source: International Coach Federation

You guys have been awesome. Amazing. You’re very professional, you’re very engaging. You’re very opposite personalities as well so you complement each other. And obviously you’ve got a lot of experience. 
The biggest impact has been working with the team directly, having the ability to coach the team directly which a lot of our staff have never had before.
Even the team members who have had it before found it valuable, that 1:1 coaching allows them to have direct access to you. I think that’s important.

– Dianne Nilsson, HiQ – QUT

I was lost in knowing how to turn the leadership group into a team.  I didn’t know how to get the business to perform without needing me to be present.
The business now has a clear direction moving forward and there is clarity between the business plan and strategic plan.
On a personal level, as the Managing Director, I have experienced continued levels of growth as a leader in my company.
I have also been able to reduce the number of hours I’m working in the business by up to 30%.

Jeremy Dennison, Dennison Foods Manufacturing

Having Nicky and Ness in our corner and coaching the team has been phenomenal.
It takes a weight off of my shoulders because it’s not just on me now to train and develop my team. 
I know that they’re in my corner, helping me every step of the way with the challenges that we have.

James Bartrop, ShadowSafe

The biggest impact was the coaching for our team leaders. It was the ability to know that someone was going to help them, essentially step in.
Having someone that’s going to listen and support them, that was related to the business, but also related to their self-development. And have them truly realise what their potential is and why they were in that role, I think was the biggest win for the business.
And that’s just transferred really nicely to the rest of the team after that. 

Megs Hopman, Playful Paws

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Double your chance of success with two experienced Business and Leadership Mentors.

Nicky and Ness are obsessed with helping install smart business growth strategies – without the hard core hustle and leveraging people leadership for peak performance. 

They are two savvy business women who have come together with a shared vision, bucket loads of passion and a burning desire to change hustle culture.

Underpinning everything they do is making sure you’re thriving now and able to thrive into the future as the world continues to change around you.


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