Some kind words from our happy clients and B2 community.

There was a genuine buzz in the room all day and I am sure the session has eased some of the team fears around the coaching process.

I wanted to reiterate my thanks to you both for facilitating a great workshop.

Jason Leggatt


Nicky is not your average Sales Coach. You have done Sales technics, but have you had a coach that stands by your side and helps you personally and granularly to develop your skills? Nicky does that for you and I am so glad to be able to have some sessions with her.

Jennifer Dielen

RTB House

I was struggling to know where to turn, to know where to start first. I had lost a bit of my confidence. After three years of pandemic life, I was out of the habit of investing in myself as a business owner and leader.

Nicky and Ness are the type of people who can take something and improve upon it. With their level of experience and expertise they really take those little bits of a business and polish them up, doing it in a sequence-y kind of way.

Cathy Clur

Speak Up Studio

After two years of Covid my business lost a bit of direction. I felt like I was just floating along. I reached out to Vanessa and Nicky and was so glad I did. They shone a light on some areas I’d neglected and gave me some really useful, practical strategies to get back hold of the steering wheel – I’m re-energised, motivated and ready to get on with it!

Jane Fennessy

Blue Vapours

Today has been so worth the day away from my business, the self-awareness, the analyzing so many components of my business. I made pages and pages of notes to follow up on. They’re the type of things, you can’t put a dollar value on. It’s really analyzing who you are, what you want out of life, and how to make your business work for you. Amazing value.

Courtney Campbell

Development Solutions Victoria

I’ve absolutely loved the ideas, the format, the information regarding everything in this retreat. I’ve loved the flexibility of both Nicky and Ness and being able to be accessible and thinking on their feet and pivoting the retreat.

Megs Hopman

Playful Paws: Training & Wellness

I really felt Nicky and Ness understood me without trying to tell me how to do business.

It wasn’t a one size fits all and they were willing to listen. I really felt I could be myself and answer truthfully and didn’t feel judged or have to be something I wasn’t.

Carissa Johnston

Everest Executive Business Solutions

Thanks for a great workshop ladies! I have come away with some great advice from you both in a supportive environment and it has created awareness for me on some key areas in my business that I need to focus on with the skills I have just learnt from the workshop much appreciated.

Kelly Stewart

Happy Cats

Looking back at the financials, since working with Nicky, we’ve grown 98% on average year on year over the last five years.

I look forward to my sessions (with Nicky and Ness) every time because I know I’m often coming in with something I don’t yet know how to solve, or something I’m just stuck with and I’m going to come out of the session with a plan on how to solve the problem I came in with.

And for me, that is a wild thought that, in a space of our session we can solve what, in my mind is a big deal and a complex issue.

James Bartrop


I would recommend the business health check to anyone that has been in business maybe for three or more years that is feeling a little bit stuck in their business and not really sure which way to go, or if they’re heading in the right direction, or if they’re doing what they should be doing.

Just to really get everything back on track and have two experts go into your business and look at every single aspect of it. I think it’s a brilliant process and I wish I had of done it sooner.

This is a process. We’ve got our map, we just need to follow it, as you would on any adventure or any travel plan.

Having a roadmap which laid out exactly where I needed to start, and the different areas that I could work on in my business was very, very helpful.

Sam McFarlane

Sam Says Socials

Having not participated in business coaching of this nature before, it was difficult to get a sense of the value I could gain, and whether the content was relevant for my industry sector.

But the quality of the content I’d already seen was enough for me to throw my hat in the ring, and with so many “Aha” moments over the last 3 months, I’m so happy I did!

Nicky and Ness bring so much to the table, and have curated a program of work that will benefit every woman in business, no matter where you are on the journey.

Their hard won wisdom has helped me fast track some of the pain points in my business (I’m looking at you cash flow!) and the effort they put in makes me want to do them proud in return, by putting the skills and knowledge to use in my business.

Kim Kleinert

Jetty Road Retreat

I’ve just finished the most incredibly inspiring, insightful and wonder-filled virtual Strategy Day with Ness and Nicky as part of the True North in Business Mastermind program.

Highly personalised, hugely informative, with a perfect balance of tips, tools, resources, processes, mindset coaching and next steps to take action on.

I’ve come away with bucket loads of motivation and a solid way forward to continue to grow my “business by design”. If you get a chance to join the next Virtual Strategy Day, do it! If you are thinking about the Mastermind Program, do it!

Today has brought all the parts together and I’m so excited for the year ahead. Thank you SO much Nicky and Ness.

Judy Mort

Artemis Rising

If you want to take your business to that next level, I truly encourage you to get on board with the true north team, Nic and Vanessa have so much experience that I’m sure that they would be able to guide you in the direction that you’re wanting to take your business into the future.

Belinda Stewart

3875 Design

Investing in your future is worth the time and money when you have two brilliant coaches like Ness and Nicky.  The B2 Strategy Day and Accountability Sessions really kept me on track. 

The sessions were a great way to connect and be held accountable by the coaches and other participants.  It was an environment where you could freely speak about your past months successes and failings without judgement.

Instead the guidance and support provided by Ness and Nicky was outstanding.  They not only have a natural and positive flow between them, they have an abundance of business and leadership experience and wisdom to share.  From business development, financial management and personal growth, I walked away feeling confident and excited about my new business future.

Fi Xuerub

Casey Creek Retreat

Nicky & Ness both ensured the atmosphere of the workshop was professional but relaxed and engaging at the same time. I appreciated being able to ask questions and share ideas as we progressed through the session. It was also great to hear from others as they worked through the plan also. Thanks again ladies, look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jodie Spinks

Jodie Spinks - Giving You Choice


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But here’s the thing – we’re selective about who we work with. We’re committed to partnering with businesses where we’re absolutely confident we can make a difference. So, if you’re an established business with a turnover of $2 million or more, have a growing leadership team and you’re ready to invest in growth, we want to connect with you.

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