Are you ready to install smart business growth strategies and leverage leadership for peak performance?

working smarter is a necessity, not a luxury

In fact, it’s the cornerstone of success.

Long gone are the days of flying by the seat of your pants. Juggling multiple roles across business and life is draining. You and your leaders deserve better than navigating a chaotic world of unnecessary stress.

Is chaos is driving poor decisions in your business?

Have you asked yourself “is it all worth it?”

Unlocking the next frontier of growth for your businesses requires understanding the difference between your past path and your future direction.



Tethered to your business

You have a team but are still ‘all things to all people’


Business growth in chaos

You want systems to scale with ease but don’t know where to start


On your way to burnout

Your business is successful but it’s draining your time and energy  

What if you could:

Achieve business growth with ease

while achieving peak performance in the team

Cut through the chaos

and know exactly what action to take

love your business

and still have time to enjoy life outside of work


Behavioural Profiling

Advance your business, team, and personal growth with Extended DISC (eDISC), a powerful psychometric and workplace assessment tool.

Business Diagnostic

A 30 day health check of your business to cut through the business chaos, give you immediate outcomes and a roadmap for your business.

leadership programs

Elevate your leadership skills: Tailored coaching and training for team development and culture change.

Sales development

Embedding sales systems, strategies and upskilling teams with coaching, training and ongoing support.

Meet Nicky & Ness

Working with leaders and teams to thrive

Double your chance of success with two experienced Business and Leadership Mentors.

Nicky and Ness are obsessed with helping install smart business growth strategies – without the hard core hustle and leveraging people leadership for peak performance. 

They are two savvy business women who have come together with a shared vision, bucket loads of passion and a burning desire to change hustle culture.

Underpinning everything they do is making sure you’re thriving now and able to thrive into the future as the world continues to change around you.

They have over 50 years’ experience combined in leadership including speciality areas of sales, business and money coaching and each have run successful coaching businesses since 2015.

These days they help established, service-based businesses (with teams) move from chaos to clarity so that busy business owners and leaders get time freedom back!

As hands-on mentors, Nicky and Ness offer you the unique advantage of tapping into not just one, but two seasoned business brains.

Let’s get thriving together!

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