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for women in business

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Create a profitable business you love, whilst still having time to enjoy life outside of work.

How Business Together (b2) can help you

We’ve created a True North in Business methodology to guide clients through all stages of business.

The True North framework allows you to create a business on your own terms. One that’s set up for long term, sustainable results, while creating personal wealth alongside your business success and still having time to enjoy the good things in life.

Whether you’re a solo-business owner, or are leading a team, it’s time to release the hustle culture that’s holding you back in business so you can thrive in business!

Group Mastermind

Are you a solo business owner?

Join an intimate network of women, accountability and connection with your own brains trust.

Business Diagnostic

Are you business owner leading a team?

Implement the 7 point system to guide your business to success without being solely reliant on you. 


Nicky is your Sales & Business Growth Coach helping you embrace the art, and heart of selling.


Ness is your Money Coach working with you on your Money Mindset with a twist of systems.

Create your 6 month business plan in just 60 minutes

It’s time to stop going around in circles, stop letting emails run your day and take ‘do business plan’ off your to-do list!

In this mini-workshop you’ll create a business plan to make the next six months, your best six months in business yet.

5 Values We Live By

We bring women in business together through living our 5 core values.

 These values have helped us find our voice, push through boundaries and back ourselves, so that we can empower other women to do the same.


Women in busines who get you


Business without ego


We’re in business to make an impact


For business to grow, we must grow


Business doesn’t always need to be serious

Let’s Start A Conversation!

Most people think that to have a successful business they have to work longer hours, hustle harder and sacrifice time with their family. There’s a misconception in business that you have to do (and be) everything to everybody. In fact, the opposite is true.

Have you found yourself thinking… wow, that’s me! ?

If you’re looking to connect with a group of like-minded business women, or are looking for more hands on 1:1 coaching and mentoring in your business, book a chat with Nicky or Ness to see if Business Together can help.