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Create a profitable business, while enjoying life outside of work.

You’re here because:

  • Your business is feeling like hard work
  • You’re uncertain about what your business will look like in the future
  • You’ve hit a plateau and you don’t know how to grow
  • You’re not as financially secure as you feel you should be considering where you’re at in business

Let’s face it, your revenue numbers are fine, but fine isn’t why you went into business.

It doesn’t help that:

  • You feel like you’re doing it alone
  • You have a lot of great ideas, but nothing seems to stick
  • You’re stuck in the busy trap and there’s not enough time in the day  
  • You’re afraid that you’ll be found out *hello old friend – Imposter Syndrome

And deep down you know if you keep going down this path you’ll end up doubting yourself, not attracting your ideal clients and feeling resentment towards your business.

What you want instead is:

  • To enjoy your business more and earn the money you deserve
  • Someone to back you even when you don’t back yourself
  • To tap into street smart education from mentors who’ve been there, done that
  • To cut through the crap and know what action to take

How Business Together (B2 for short) can help you

We help women identify and break the cycles that stop them from building a wildly successful business whilst still having time to enjoy life outside of work.
It’s time to release the weight of expectations about how we ‘should’ be doing business so we can thrive in business!


Focus on your profit strategy with a group of like-minded successful business women

business health check

An intensive deep dive into your business with a roadmap to success

biz retreats

Designed to provide pampering and luxury for both you and your business


Do you ever feel like people who aren’t in business just don’t ‘get’ it?

Having built successful businesses of our own, we were both looking for a collective of successful women business owners we could connect with. Women who understood our challenges and the depth of meaning behind our wins. We were looking for other women who ‘get it’.

At the time, there really wasn’t much around and what we did find was either too big, or too small. The level of business success wasn’t at a high enough standard or it was all a little too ‘ra ra’ without substance to back it up.

So we decided to create our own…

5 Ways We Inspire Women In Business  

We bring women in business together through living our 5 core values.

 These values have helped us find our voice, push through boundaries and back ourselves, so that we can empower other women to do the same.


A sense of belonging with women who get you


Business without ego


We’re in business to get results


For our business to grow, we must grow


Business doesn’t always need to be serious

Let’s Start a Conversation

Our promise is that you’ll get no hard sells or ‘stuff’ you don’t need from us. Just genuine relationships and support to help achieve your business and life goals.

You can always reach out to us with any (obligation free) questions and we’ll get back to you within the next day.

We’ve got you!

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