About us

Hi! It’s great to have you here. We’re Nicky and Ness, your B2 Mentors. 

MEET Nicky Miklos-Woodley

To help you out, it’s pronounced ‘Mik-losh’ 


I’m here to help women in business embrace the art (and heart) of selling and sales!

My experience over the last two decades (sheesh!) has predominantly been in sales, leadership and professional coaching.

Over the years I’ve grown a genuine love for understanding human behaviour and how to bring a human-centric, fresh perspective to business and sales.

In 2015 I went out on my own and built a successful coaching business helping other businesses grow sustainably with a dedicated focus on profitability and high performance results through best practice sales and leadership development.

I’m an avid lifelong learner and love, love, LOVE to read. Our dogs are definitely the most spoilt members of our household (can anyone relate?!).

My ultimate mission in life is to inspire change, growth, and better business so that as a collective we can make a positive impact on the world.

And I believe with all my heart, that your external success is only limited by your internal progress. 

MEET Vanessa Medling

Affectionately known in the B2 Community as “Ness”

Changing from a corporate career in my mid-40s to running my own successful business I have learnt my true calling in life: To help women let go of their old money story and trust that they can create the financial (and business) results they know they are fully capable of achieving.

After 6 years running my own business as a Leadership Coach, 2020 presented itself as one of my most challenging in business. Like many others, with lockdowns came the cancellation of work and I was looking at my dire financial situation with an overwhelming sense of fear. Digging deep into my natural money management skills, I channelled all my knowledge to turn things around and by the end of the year had saved $90K. It was at that time I knew I was ready to shift my focus and help other women build wealth and financial security for themselves.

Although I love the chance to catch up with friends for a glass or two of New Zealand’s finest sav blanc so that I can be a social butterfly, I’m an introvert at heart and recharge by being a bit nerdy at home, losing myself in books and courses, studying human behaviour and mindset, with a strong focus on building wealth.

“We realised not only the importance, but the incredible value of having someone to share, brainstorm, work with on all the aspects of business (and of self) that were critical to success.”

The B2 Story

Do you ever feel like people who aren’t in business just don’t ‘get’ it?

What’s better than 1 Business Mentor at your fingertips? Having 2 Business Mentors at your fingertips!

💖 Decades of sales and leadership experience

💖 Over 10,000 coaching hours

💖 300+ Individual Extended DISC unpacks

💖 Real time access to a Money Coach 𝐚𝐧𝐝 a Sales & Biz Growth Coach

💖 Real life business experience… from two different perspectives

Having built successful businesses of our own, we were both looking for a collective of successful women business owners we could connect with. Women who understood our challenges and the depth of meaning behind our wins. We were looking for other women who ‘get it’.

At the time, there really wasn’t much around and what we did find was either too big, or too small. The level of business success wasn’t at a high enough standard or it was all a little too ‘ra ra’ without substance to back it up.

So we decided to create our own…

We formed our own Mastermind group where we would meet regularly, have holistic offsite retreats to reset and rewire, regular strategy sessions and monthly accountability sessions. We realised not only the importance, but the incredible value of having someone to share, brainstorm, work with on all the aspects of business (and of self) that were critical to success. 

Being at the top can be lonely. It certainly has its challenges and with our combined experience across Leadership, Sales, Business, NLP, eDISC, Performance Coaching we help women in business succeed beyond their wildest expectations. 

Individually we’ve sold over $1M each in our previous businesses… you don’t get there without some war wounds and learning along the way!

When we first started looking for our own Mastermind, we’ll be honest – it was hard to find our people. The right collective of women in business for us. Now, there are many more groups, masterminds and collectives of female founders which is so encouraging to see. Each fills a different niche and fulfils different needs. 

Your job now is to find out if and why, B2 is the one for you.

5 Ways We Do Business  

We bring women in business together through living our 5 core values. 

 These values have helped us find our voice, push through boundaries and back ourselves, so that we can empower other women to do the same.


Women in business who get you


Business without ego


We’re in business to make an impact


For business to grow, we must grow


Business doesn’t always need to be serious