Understanding your sales super powers (aka strengths and blind spots) will give you a very clear path to successful sales conversations… and conversions. The clues to your natural super powers lies in uncovering your sales archetypes. There’re four sales styles archetypes and you’ll typically be a mix of two.

The Initiator, Influencer, Supporter and Specialist. 

The most common archetype in Australia is the Supporter (36.5%), followed closely by the Influencer (30.5%), the Specialist (25.2%) and the Initiator (7.8%)

What style do you think is most needed in sales? 

Well, each has their pros and cons (perks and pitfalls), yet no matter where you sit, you can master the art of sales. There are no limitations, other than the limitations you place on yourself, when it comes to sales. The biggest thing needed is the will to want to learn and the openness to stretch into each area. Because in reality all styles are needed for a great end-to-end sales cycle, and experience, to be seamless for your clients.  

Let’s break it down.

The Initiator is focused on results, outcomes and winning. They love to get the conversation started and are the hunters when it comes to finding new clients. They’re great at the big picture, future visioning of solutions and thrive on achieving and exceeding targets. 

Perks: Initiators will get in and get the job done. They’re not afraid to pick up the phone or send that voice note and will often lead the way with new initiatives and embracing new tools to help the sales process along. If it will get results, they’re in.

Pitfalls: The detail feels suffocating to them, and they feel like having to slow down holds them back. This means that client notes or attention to detail with touchpoints, presentations or follow ups can easily fall by the wayside. They can be very direct in their communication and when they’re stressed or under pressure their communication filter can disappear. 

Initiators are amazing at staying focused on the results and outcomes however they need to be aware of their pace and make sure no-one gets left behind.


The Influencer loves connecting and driving relationships with people, focusing on delivering the human element in a sales relationship. They are also ‘big picture’ people, who have a knack for reading the client and developing rapport quickly.

Perks: Influencers are less prone to procrastination and don’t need to have all their ‘ducks in a row’ before getting out and talking to clients. They’re confident in talking ‘outcomes and benefits’ with the client and are able to build rapport quickly and easily.

Pitfalls: Because they’re focused on the big picture outcome, their attention to detail can suffer and they may at times, avoid the detail at all costs (just like the Initiator). This might for example, result in a lack of focus and follow up on the client in the post-sale relationship, which is just as important as the close.

Influencers are born relationship-builders, but their avoidance of detail can affect those relationships.


The Supporter is all about connection and making sure people are taken care of. They’re a natural nurturer and sales conversations are an opportunity to support and help. Communication is about keeping people happy and making sure the way forward is collaborative. 

Perks: Supporters will make the time to ensure the client and prospect is taken care of and that all attention to detail has been considered for them to feel genuinely nurtured and supported throughout each step of the sales process.

Pitfalls: Can be held back if they feel like a sales touch point isn’t genuine and can be highly cautious about coming across fake. High paced sales environments can be a challenge as they like to take their time to consider all angles and aspects of a client interaction and the solution being presented. 

Supporters embrace collaboration and care for all their interactions but they need to make sure that this thoughtfulness and deliberation doesn’t keep them stuck.


The Specialist tends to be analytical and naturally detail-oriented, finding meaning and purpose in gaining an in-depth understanding of how things work. Not only do they love the detail in their work, it is their comfort zone, which can result in a natural aversion to sales and selling.

Perks: Specialist can quickly identify problems (potential and actual) and confidently find solutions; they know which service or solution will optimise performance and ultimately, achieve success. They are diligent in the information they provide, and accuracy is always top of mind.

Pitfalls: Their desire to have “all of the information” at hand before making a call can result in avoidance strategies and procrastination, cultivating a ‘stay safe’ mentality, instead of reading the client and adapting their communication and strategies accordingly. They can have negative and limiting beliefs about being a ‘salesperson’.  

Specialists are natural analysts and focused on solutions however, they can have limiting beliefs around being a ‘salesperson’.


You may find you relate to aspects of each of the sales archetypes and to use a combination of all is to truly win in sales. It’s important to remember there are perks and pitfalls to both. 

The key is to reflect on where you feel you (and your team) sit within these archetypes, in order to develop and extend your abilities and ultimately, best serve your client.

Leaning into natural strengths will accelerate results!

Happy Selling,


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Nicky is a Sales and Business Leadership Coach with over 2 decades experience in sales and leadership. She’s been running successful coaching businesses since 2015 and is obsessed with helping business owners and teams thrive. She helps her clients install smart business growth strategies and leverage leadership for peak performance.

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