Abandon Pushy Sales Techniques and be Amazed at Your New Sales Results

Abandon Pushy Sales Techniques and be Amazed at Your New Sales Results

Do your palms get sweaty, your heart starts racing, you can’t quite find the words when you think about ‘closing’ a sale. 

Is there a sense of dread and avoidance when you have to talk price to a potential new client?

Chances are, when you think of selling and sales, images of pushy used-car salesmen come to mind.

You probably have memories of feeling forced into saying yes to something. Or have heard horror stories about icky salespeople using icky sales techniques. 

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? 

This type of selling is very (unresourcefully) masculine in its approach. And it’s a one-trick pony that’s fast becoming out of date. 

Trying to be slick, hustling, smashing it… are all very push focused and as buyers, we’ve become more attuned to the BS in front of us. 

HEADS UP! Be aware you can go too far the other way from sheer avoidance of not wanting to be too pushy. This becomes too (unresourcefully) feminine in your approach to onboarding and signing new clients. 

You’ll know if this is you if you don’t like talking about price, you’re not asking enough questions to uncover the real need, you’re not working through the potential client’s concerns for fear of being pushy or overall, you’re not making it easy for them to say yes. 

What I’m about to tell you will change your world…

Think of sales like a dance. *Cue Dancing With The Stars visuals here.

An expert is leading the dance and a celebrity is being guided and learning as they go along. 

Mic Drop: You’re the expert dancer and your clients are the celebrities. 

As the expert, you want to make sure they’re taken care of, you’re moving at their pace whilst still guiding them along towards an outcome ie. the end of the dance. 

Consider what would happen in each of these scenarios:

  • You’re leading the dance too aggressively and quickly, so quickly that your celebrity partner can’t keep up. How does that make them feel?
  • You don’t start the dance at all. Do you end up just standing there staring at each other, waiting for someone to make a move? #awks Of course, they’ll be waiting for you to make the first move. You’re the expert, they don’t know what the first step is.
  • You start the dance beautifully together. You’re leading, your partner is having a great time and then just before you get to the end of the song, you suddenly stop. 

Top Tip: the last scenario is an example of you having a great sales conversation with a client and then not asking if they’d like to work with you or buy your beautiful product. 

If you think of sales like a dance, you’ll organically have the perfect flow of masculine and feminine energies to guide your potential clients to their ideal outcome. 

Sales can be really enjoyable when you focus on a win/win instead of ‘not being pushy’. In fact, focusing on not being pushy is a way of making it all about you, not your client. This is one of the number one sales mistakes people make. 

The problem is that you’re focusing on yourself when you’re worried about how you’re coming across, not genuinely understanding if there’s a need you can help fulfil. 

So ask yourself:

  • Does your potential (or existing) client have a need or problem they’d like solved?
  • Is your product or service a great fit to help with this?

If you got 2 yes’s, you’re doing your clients a disservice by not selling to them. 

Stop worrying about being fake and too salesy, and start focusing on how you can help them. In other words, start leading that dance baby 💃 

If you want to uncover what else could be holding you back from creating a wildly profitable business you love, without having to sacrifice life, let’s chat!  

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It’s not hard to love Spring (as I’m sure you’ll agree, especially if you’ve seen Ness’ recent social media post about all the reasons to love Spring).

And just like the seasons of Mother Nature, our businesses also experience seasons and cycles.  

Winter months of hibernation and cave time.
Autumn shedding of what no longer serves us.
Spring blossoming and the smell of promise in the air.  
Summer of fun, laughter and lightness (or overheating depending on where you live… I’m looking at you QLD).

Some of these cycles happen in our businesses daily, sometimes weekly, monthly and they definitely happen over each quarter.

Fortunately, we have a some control (and a fair bit of influence) over the seasons in our business without having to rely on the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Hot tip: Our B2 Virtual Strategy Day helps with this.

The current environment of lockdowns and travel restrictions have created some interesting impacts to our business seasons and cycles.

We’re all somewhat Zoom experts these days, and there’s a thing called  ‘Zoom Fatigue’ – have you heard of it?

I recently ran a full day online training session and I had someone say to me afterwards that it was the ‘best training they’ve ever been to’.

Ummmm hang on. What. But it was on Zoom?*

*Okay, it was Google Hangouts but you get the jist.

My point is, there’s a lot of people waiting to ‘get back in the room’ or for things to ‘get better’ or ‘back to normal’ (d’oh what’s normal again?).  

The truth of the matter is regardless of what’s going on in the world around us, our business world doesn’t stop turning.

We simply must show up for our business 
but do it in a way that we enjoy and that fulfils our core need for connection.

We’ve listened to the challenges women in business are facing, we see what’s missing when trying to create a business you love without sacrificing time or life, we know what it’s like to have a million balls in the air and feel like we’re ‘failing’ at them all.

Because of this, we’ve been able to create the B2 Virtual Strategy Day specifically for you.

Here’s a couple of reasons why we know you’ll love it:

  • Regardless where you live, it’s not impacted by travel or lockdown restrictions (yay!). In fact, it’ll give you a boost of energy to deal with… well life.  
  • We’ve literally created the entire format around the gaps and needs of business women like you.
  • It’ll be loads of fun and you won’t have Zoom Fatigue (we promise).
  • We’ve made it super cost-effective (seriously we’ve cut the investment down by half) and are making sure you’re covered for 3 months.

Our next B2 Virtual Strategy Day is on the 22nd September.

We’ve put everything you need to know here so you can check it out in more detail, at your leisure, to see if it’s for you.

5 ways to ride the Covid roller coaster in business, without letting it break you

5 ways to ride the Covid roller coaster in business, without letting it break you

There’s no doubt about it… global sadness, fear, uncertainty is in the air these days. Across the world sh*t’s going down – in a multitude of ways. And I’m sure you feel it too! 

I’d call this h.e.a.v.y. 

I’d also call it current r.e.a.l.i.t.y.

As I watch the news, it blows my mind the ferocity and magnitude of things are happening yet, while the world seems to be imploding, our mundane routines continue. We still need to cook dinner, buy toilet paper, do washing, deal with IT issues, get up to date with our admin. 

Gagh! Somehow we’re still expected to carry on as though everything’s ‘normal’ and our business needs to keep running. 

So what can you do to make sure you’re not taking the weight and responsibility of the world on your shoulders throughout the day. 

Here’s 5 things you can start doing straight away

1. Only focus on what you can control and influence (hot tip – you can only control your own thoughts and actions). We waste a lot of time worrying about things we can’t do anything about. 

Ask yourself, what can I control and influence in this situation?

Do that and let go of the rest. Okay, so it sounds so simple when I say it. Sometimes these things are that simple. They’re just not always easy. 

2. Find small moments of reprieve and better yet, joy throughout the day

I call these micro-moments

What micro-moments can you introduce into your day? 

One of my faves is taking two mins in the middle of the day to stand barefoot on the grass in the backyard, looking up at the sky. 

Yes, this one is for my Qld friends. If you’re in Victoria your toes might freeze off if you do this barefoot. So go outside and let the cold air hit you in the face and help you come alive, look up at the sky and reflect on the vastness of things that are so much bigger than we are. 

3. Find your tribe. Don’t go through this alone. Stay connected to people who fill your cup and help you feel better. 

They could be business besties, family, friends. Ideally, have a combo of both work and outside of work connections and mix it up. 

I had a grand old time doing Zoom Trivia with my family (who are spread all across NSW) last weekend. It might not be as good as getting together face-to-face but the laughs are just as real and the connection is better than not seeing them at all. Trust me on this! Have family dinners with people on the laptop at the dinner table. Get creative. And hit Ness and I up if you’re still looking for your biz bestie community. 

4. Find gratitude daily. We hear about gratitude all the time and it can so easily be overlooked as making a real difference. Gratitude reminds us that even when things seem (and are) bad, there’s always something (even if it’s tiny) that’s not so bad.  

The best part? It doesn’t have to be huge. There’s a myriad of things to be grateful for, it’s just sometimes harder to see them. 

I’ll help get you started with things to be grateful for… living in Australia, clean water, shelter, bed, friends, laughter, love, grass, walking, health, clothes, the internet, technology. 

Take a couple of moments to think of 3 things you’re grateful for each day. Just before you go to sleep is a good time. Or maybe introduce it into the family conversation and have the whole family play along. 

5. Revisit your business strategy and put structures in place to adapt to the changing times. For instance, we know that wherever we are in Aus, there are looming and impending lockdowns. Even if you’re not in one right now. 

What can you put in place so that when (not if) lockdown hits, there’s minimal impact on your business? 

Depending on your type of business will depend on how impacted you are. Think about how you can minimise the disruption based on your unique business and needs. 

Some thought starters for you:

  • What services can you move to online?
  • Have you negotiated different terms with vendors and suppliers to offer more flexibility if needed?
  • What’s the new problem you can help your clients with in these modern times? Are you offering it?
  • How do you make the most of lockdown times ie. if you can’t deliver your service use the time to update your policies and procedures or up-skill your staff. You know, the stuff you never get time to do.

If you need a helping hand with any, or all of the above, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re all about thelping women in business break the cycles in business that are holding them back from creating a business they love (even in times of a pandemic) whilst still being able to enjoy time outside of work.

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Exhausted? what got you here in biz wont get you there

Exhausted? what got you here in biz wont get you there

Chances are you’ve been in business for some time, you have an established business and you know that to build a business from nothing, it takes a certain amount of hard work and hustle. 

Whether you love or hate a bit of hustle in your business, it’s important to remember when you get to a certain phase in business – taking a hustle type approach is not going to get you to your next level of growth. 

To give some context – when I talk hustle, I’m talking about the constant go go go. The never-ending grind that’s needed in the beginning stages of a business. While you might have to bring this in the early days, if you keep the hustle and grind once you have something established, you’re not going to bring anything of benefit to your business or yourself.   

A lot of us have a belief that to be successful, we have to work hard. We’ve picked this belief up somewhere along the way. And the problem is that all the years you’ve been achieving success through “working hard” you’ve been unconsciously collecting evidence i.e. proving to yourself that this low-quality belief that to achieve success, you have to “work hard”. Which also then assumes that when you stop working hard, the success will stop. 

It’s simply not true. And let me explain why…

In the early days, you need to put in double the effort for half the reward. Yep, you heard that correctly.. think about it. Remember when you had to…

  • Have extra sales conversations to convert clients 
  • Spend lots more time figuring out how to do… well everything!  
  • Say yes to clients that weren’t your ideal clients
  • Set up new processes and systems that had never been used before and it seemed to take fooooreeeeever… especially when there were tech issues

NOW it’s time for you to get double the result with half the effort.  

And we know you can do it because…

  • You have the foundations in business already set up to build on
  • You’re in a position to not have to do everything yourself *Helloooo outsourcing!  
  • You know you can deliver great value – you’ve got the existing and previous clients to prove it
  • You know exactly who the best type of client is that you can help the most whilst enjoying working with them
  • And let’s face it, if you keep doing things the way you’ve done them, you could end up resenting your business, not keeping up with growth, or maybe even burning out. Not a pretty place to be. 

So make sure you remember, your business doesn’t need you doing everything in it. It no longer needs you to hustle and grind. 

What it does need is for you to step into the space of visionary, idea generator, innovator and for you to be focusing on the areas that are aligned with being in your genius zone. 

If you want more ideas on how to double your income without working twice as hard, check out this article now.  


You’ve invested in so many courses (and maybe completed some…#oooops).
You’ve tried so many different methodologies and frameworks from the experts.


Nothing seems to be working.
You’re in and out of overwhelm and feeling kinda stuck.
You just can’t stop comparing yourself to others and their success.
And to be honest, some days you’re pretty deflated and wondering why you went into business in the first place.

Seriously you thought the growing pains were over when you finally got the business off the ground and now it’s a bit like starting all over again.

We get it.

Your business has stages, phases and cycles (just like us women). 

Off the shelf cookie cutter designs that are a generic fit (just like a one-size-fits all dress or muumuu) are not the answer.   

You need to find services and solutions that are tailored and bespoke to your unique business needs. This entails taking a look at things like your specific market, history, client segment, opportunity, product and services, team.

Ask yourself these 3 important questions before investing in your next ‘big thing’:  

    • Can I talk about my specific problem in this environment (with enough time to delve deep)?  
    • What experience do they have working within my industry, ‘who are you to tell me what to do?’  
    • Consider the ROI (emotional or financial) you’ll get from the investment – see more on this where I share insights on the 3 reasons to get someone else to look at your business strategy