Embedding systems, strategies and up-skilling teams

Q4 sales targets were absolutely smashed despite our (business owners) being out of the business for a month. We then increased the target by another $100,000 in the next quarter and the team did it again!

Nick Clift, DWM Solutions

Sales is the backbone of your business.

Sustainable business results come from focusing on the areas that will deliver the greatest impact on your business growth and your teams ability to maintain it. 

If you want more sales, more profit and better productivity, you’re in the right place!

The Evergreen Sales Ecosystem is designed to implement long term, sustainable success strategies aligned with transparent sales systems, effective nurture strategies and proactive skills within the team.

Seeking the right partner for your sales growth?


You won’t see any ‘off the shelf’ online programs here because to be frank, they don’t work. You don’t need a one-size-fits all solution. We prefer to identify the specific skill gaps within your team.


Establishing a high performance culture is mission critical for your sales success. Our solutions are suited to fit where your team is at, right now. We offer 1:1 Coaching, Sales Training, Sales Archetype Profiling and Sales Diagnostics.


Creating a culture of high performance and exceptional sales skills.

Looking back at the financials, since working with Nicky, we’ve grown 98% on average year on year over the last five years.

James Bartop, ShadowSafe

Nicky is not your average Sales Coach. You have done Sales techniques, but have you had a coach that stands by your side and helps you personally and granularly develop your skills? Nicky does that for you and I am so glad to be able to have some sessions with her.

Jennifer Dielen, RTB House

We have ambitious targets and needed a specialist to help us reach our goals. It’s been awesome working with Nicky, the team look forward to their meetings, they’re getting more done as Nicky makes them highly accountable and we are on a path to reach our goals.
We also now have rock solid sales system in place that drive leads and we’ve had a 40% increase in our closure rates! 
I highly recommend Nicky for any business who wants to accelerate their growth.

Adrian Cosman-Jones, Onsite Helper

I was wanting to improve my sales process by making it consistent, repeatable and also to prevent time wasting.
I’ve gone from spending up to a day to prepare and hold a new client meeting to approximately 2 hours, including the meeting itself.
Nicky and I were able to find out what wasn’t working and then implement a much simpler process that I’m now confident with.

Matthew Bell, Universal Partnership

Nicky has established a strong framework of ownership and accountability in our business, driving our team to stretch out of their comfort zones to achieve a higher level of performance.
This is coupled with group activities that have brought the team closer together which has been valuable (especially in a time of COVID-19).

Mark Andrews, The Andrews Group

Meet Nicky


Hi there, I’ve been immersed in the world of sales, leadership, and professional coaching for 20+ years. My journey has been fuelled by an insatiable curiosity about human behaviour, leading me to develop a rather unique, people-centered approach to doing business.

In 2015, I took the plunge and founded my first coaching businesses, Evergreen Coaching. My goal? To use my sales and leadership experience to help other businesses achieve sustainable growth, boost profitability, and achieving high performance.

I’m an accredited eDISC behavioural Profiler, a Level 3 Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Meta Dynamics, and a certified Professional Coach and Trainer. But what really sets me apart is my passion for sparking deep personal and professional growth. I’ve been fortunate to guide countless individuals and teams through incredible breakthroughs and transformative results.

Whether I’m coaching, running workshops, or speaking at conferences, my priority is always the same: to help people not just succeed, but thrive. I want to see you unlock your full potential, both in your business and personal life.


We're ready when you are!