Time is a manmade concept and these days, we monitor time down to the millisecond. 

Honestly, sometimes I amaze myself with what I can get done in 60 seconds. 

I used to be proud of how productive I could be. Until I realised that it’s not healthy to jam-pack (literally) every single minute of the day. 

No wonder I felt like I was run ragged. Who’s with me on this? 

Seriously though, how do we fit everything in without micro-managing our time?

Recently I googled – how I can manage my time more effectively and almost 1.6 Billion search results came back. Interestingly when I googled the same phrase 6 months ago only 514 million results came back. 

People are desperate to find the magic bullet, a better way, the thing that will help them have more time.  

Here’s the kick-in-the-guts – getting more time back and getting out of the busy trap isn’t about finding another time management tool!

No time management tool will make any difference IF you don’t consider your beliefs about time. 

Let me ask you a question… we all have 168 hours a week to play with, is that a little or a lot? 

The answer is that it depends on your mindset around time. 

So before you get excited about a new time management tool what you need to do first is look at how your thinking about time affects your day-to-day.

If you believe there’s not enough time in this world. Nothing will change that.

Here’s 6 time hacks you can start using today:

  1. Work on your beliefs about time. Do you have abundance or scarcity beliefs about time?
  1. Bring mindfulness into your every day. Do you spend more time mindfully living or getting pulled into the whirlwind of busy?
  1. Prioritise tasks aligned with your overall business strategy. Do you find yourself prioritising ‘stuff’ ’cause it feels good to get through a whole bunch of tasks or do you strategically focus on tasks that will help move the dial in your business?
  1. Focus first on desired outcomes, then start prioritising. Do you feel accomplished or in a constant state of chasing?
  1. Be aware of when you drop into guilt, and come back to a higher vibration by shifting your focus to gratitude. Do you find yourself feeling grateful more of the time, or stuck in guilt?
  1. Manage your energy wisely. Is your energy leaking and your feeling overstretched or optimal and energised?

As Laura Vanderkam says in her incredible Ted Talk (watch here) we prioritise the things that matter to us and when we must find the time, we do. 

Working on your beliefs, being more mindful, prioritising tasks based on outcomes, and managing your energy and your emotional state will put you in a better position to not have to cram life into 60-second blocks. Wow! How would that feel?! 

Actually, as someone who’s breaking that habit, it feels pretty damn amazing.

Grab our Time Hacking Audit here to see how you fair with these 6 areas and get some more ideas on what you can do to improve in each area.

Nicky is a Sales and Business Leadership Coach with over 2 decades experience in sales and leadership. She’s been running successful coaching businesses since 2015 and is obsessed with helping business owners and teams thrive. She helps her clients install smart business growth strategies and leverage leadership for peak performance.

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