Do you have a belief that you can’t have it all? 

Do you believe that business success can only happen at the expense of a fulfilled life outside of work?

Imagine instead a world where your business flourishes and allows you the precious gift of time freedom, where you get to decide purposefully how to spend your time.

I’m here to tell you there is a way to achieve it!

But first, you’ll need to understand the six essential human needs that drive us every day.

This concept was introduced by Tony Robbins (a bit of a guru in the personal development space) back in the 90s.

These needs underpin our daily actions and choices, shaping how we feel every day about business and life.

They are


The desire for stability and predictability in our lives.  


The desire for variety (as they say, it’s the spice of life!), fun and adventure.


The desire to be acknowledged and validated. 


The fundamental desire to form meaningful relationships and feel a sense of belonging.


The drive for progress and improvement, that you get through learning something new. 


The desire to make a positive impact, like giving back to your community.

How you translate these concepts into your everyday life will depend on where you focus your energy and attention.

And this is where the concept of primary vehicles comes in – the areas or activities in your life that satisfy multiple core needs. 

Think of them as the foundational pillars that uphold your sense of fulfilment and balance.

Your business, relationships, and hobbies are all primary vehicles. 

They’re the building blocks of your happiness and feed into your personal identity. 

The key to being able to find that elusive balance between work and life is not to rely solely on one vehicle.

So take a moment to reflect on your personal blueprint… 

  • Jot down your top three primary vehicles – those aspects of your life that consistently bring you satisfaction. 
  • Then, consider how these vehicles align with your core needs and ensure they’re nourishing your overall well-being.

If there’s a gap, it’s time to reconsider how you can meet your core needs in a resourceful way that’s sustainable, in order to feel like you have the freedom to do what you love with your time.

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