I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘going into business is the biggest personal development journey you can go on’.

Cheesy? Yep!

Also true though? Absolutely! 

Looking back at my 8 years in business, I just can’t help but wholeheartedly agree with that statement. 

No matter who you are, when you start a business, the only certainty is that it will stretch you beyond what you think you’re capable of. 

And those who don’t lean into the growth fall into the 60% that shut down their business within the first 3 years (figures from the ABS). 

There’s no other way through it: overcoming fears and reshaping belief systems becomes essential for success.

 As a coach, I often find myself helping clients explore the depths of their behaviour and motivations. 

Self-awareness is key, and one powerful tool we use is the Extended DISC profiling tool. 

DISC helps us understand what drives our behaviour, why we procrastinate on certain things, and why we’re naturally drawn to some activities but avoid others.

You see, it’s not just about knowing how to run a business; it’s about understanding human behaviour and how it impacts everything in business – from what you focus on to how you communicate. 

We all have things we avoid like the plague… perhaps it’s handling conflicts, scheduling appointments, or making important phone calls. 

Then there are tasks that come naturally to us, making us effortlessly productive and feeling like we have the energy to keep going for hours.

Extended DISC profiling is the best tool I have come across that helps us understand this and more importantly, helps us understand what we need to do differently.

The DISC model distributes behaviours into four primary styles: 

🔴  (D) Dominant

🟡  (I) Influencer

🟢  (S) Stabiliser 

🔵  (C) Conscientious

Each style has its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Dominant (D) style is future-focused, outcome-driven, and direct. 

They thrive on taking quick actions and are often seen as assertive and results-oriented, yet can come across as direct and blunt

The Influencer (I) style is charismatic, extroverted, and sees endless possibilities. 

They excel in communication and connecting with people but can be easily distracted by shiny new opportunities.

The Stabiliser (S) style is the nurturer, reliable, and great at building relationships. 

They excel in creating a sense of community and are always willing to help others integrate into a team, but tend to not share their opinion easily

The Conscientious (C) style is analytical, detail-oriented, and introverted. 

They love diving deep into data and are often seen as experts in their field and can appear as cold and withdrawn

What’s fascinating is that most people have a blend of these styles, so can’t be pigeonholed as only one particular style, which makes understanding your unique mix incredibly empowering.

For example, in my partnership with Nicky, she leans towards the Influencer (I) and Dominant (D) styles, while I leans towards the Conscientious (C) and Stabiliser (S) styles. 

This becomes especially evident in our business roles, and one of the reasons why our clients love working with us because we cover all four styles.

Nicky gravitates towards the creative aspects of our work, such as website design, sales pages, and content creation, all the fun stuff. 

On the other hand, I tend to excel in the behind-the-scenes work—finances, detailed processes, and content organisation.

This harmony in our behavioral styles allows us to handle diverse tasks effectively. 

Understanding our differences and knowing how to make the best of them has been a game-changer in our business. 

The beauty of DISC profiling lies in its ability to simplify complex behaviour patterns. 

As a predictor of human behaviour, it’s not about boxing people into categories; it’s about gaining insights into your specific behaviour and using that knowledge to your advantage.

If you’re curious to find out about your own DISC style or how we could help you and your teams to communicate more effectively by understanding each other, reach out for a chat.

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