Have you ever regretted a decision you’ve made in your business?

I certainly have!

In 2019 I was told I ‘should’ hire a VA through a big company (pretty sure the person suggesting got an affiliate kickback?) for 20 hours a week.

The cost was $300 per week. Not bad, you’d think?

The first VA they gave me was brilliant. He got heaps of work done and was proactive.

But unfortunately, he got really sick and had to leave after a month.

The next VA?

Let’s just say I should have listened to my gut instincts.

I wasn’t that impressed with her at the interview, but the recruiter promised me she was one of their best!

Umm, not my experience.

She needed to ask me questions and get guidance every single day, and I was too busy (and frustrated) to get back to her.

It felt like it was just soooo much easier to do the work myself because delegating to her was not a fun experience.

I started avoiding her and effectively, did what any other busy business owner with lots of money coming into the business would do… I buried my head in the sand.

I paid her $3,600 (12 weeks of work) to pretty much just create a report, that I later found out my email provider had the software to run in about 2 minutes šŸ¤¦ā€ā™€ļø


But the juggle was real and I didn’t have great processes in place at the time to help her work at peak performance.

The thing is until I stepped into my leadership as a business owner, the situation wasn’t going to change.

Here’s some food for thought – whether you’ve got one VA helping you occasionally or a full team of staff on your payroll, once you have people working for you, you are a leader.

To ensure you are leading effectively there are three areas to focus on.

We like to call it tapping into your ESP.

As a leader, you’re responsible for:

  • E – Setting the culture of your business for your team to live with you
  • S – Making sure there are structures and systems in place to ensure the operating rhythms of your business flow
  • P – Ensuring you and your team have the skills needed to perform your tasks

Once you’re across all of this, you’ll stop making silly mistakes like I did and stop leaking money from your business.

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