How to make sure your next VA hire is better than your last

Already had your first hire and it didn’t work out? Perhaps you relate to one of these scenarios:

  • You dipped your toes in the world of VAs only to have a bad experience
  • You’re not convinced hiring another VA is going to help you so you keep doing the work yourself and can’t keep up with everything
  • Feeling like it’s all too hard and you aren’t cut out to be a leader

Don’t allow a bad choice to influence your whole business growth strategy! This risks you staying stuck in your busy-ness and drowning under all the moving parts that need to be managed as a solo operator. It also means you might tar all VAs with the same brush and miss out on working with someone amazing.

Watch the video for 4 practical solutions that I have developed based on my own experience.

3 reasons to get someone else to look at your business strategy

This week, I share with you 3 reasons why it is really valuable to get someone external to your business to look at your business strategy:
  • They will be able to identify the blind spots that you currently have in your business.
  • If you don’t know what you could be doing, you are missing out on opportunities.
  • You could be accelerating your results quicker if you are working with external experts, or having someone look at your business strategy for you.


In the video, I will also run through how to identify when is the right time to get that perspective.

It really is a must watch – as much as we would like to think, we can’t do everything on our own.



5 questions to ask yourself before bringing on another team member

Have you ever found yourself worrying about:

  • ​​​Hiring the wrong person for the role and waste everyone’s time?
  • The person you hire will take too long to get up to speed?
  • Given the time it will take to train a new hire, it would be easier to just do it yourself!
  • They will become disengaged and bored and you losing money on a wasted resource?

How to hire smarter instead of harder next time

When growing your team, there’s 3 important areas you want to focus on to find the right people to join your business:

Your recruitment Process. Don’t have one? It’s time to get to work creating an effective process that’s replicable and reliable.

The Type of Person you’re looking for. Really take the time to think about who will fit your business culture. It’s not only about skill – there’s attitudes and values to consider also.

Where you’ll find them. Get creative with where you’re finding your ideal team member and how you’re representing your brand in the process.

There’s loads of great tips in this video to help you find the right person, every time (well as close to every time as humanly possible!)