The 3 best sales beliefs to have in your business are…

The 3 best sales beliefs to have in your business are…

The biggest thing holding you back in your business when it comes to sales and business growth could be you! 

Take a moment to think about what area’s in the business, and sales you’re holding yourself back from? 

Do the words ‘closing the sale’ make you want to run a mile, or stay and dance*?

*This is a reference to a recent article I wrote comparing sales to dancing… check it out here 

Let’s dig in. If you know what your limiting beliefs are about sales, you can work on them, unblock them and replace them with different and better beliefs that serve you, and your clients, well! 

Here are 3 of my top picks when it comes to sales beliefs you can work into your vocabulary right away. Try them on and see how they feel. 

Epic Sales Belief To Have # 1: Sales is Helping (Sales is Serving also works). 

Imagine if the product or service you’re selling was literally saving lives. 

What would stop you from having as many conversations with as many people as possible to tell them about it? What would possibly stop you from reaching out and following up more than once? I’m sure you’d feel pretty comfortable asking the question ‘shall we get started’?

When you truly believe in what you’re selling, it becomes a genuine service to offer it to people, and a true disservice not to. 

Now, you might not be saving lives but I’d put a bet on it that there’s a pretty great benefit to what you’re offering out there!? Hone in and focus on that to help embed this belief. 


Epic Sales Belief To Have # 2: The right people want to hear from me!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… despite what we all say, we (as humans and consumers) want to be sold to. 

Yep, you read that right! 

We want to be sold to. We have needs that need to be fulfilled and problems to be solved. 

The caveat is, we just want to be sold to WELL! 

In other words, we don’t want to be talked at, belittled, tricked or pushed into something. 

So if you’re getting a little self-conscious around talking about your offer and putting your message out to market, remember the right people want to hear it.

BTW – By right people, I mean your ideal clients and customers, the ones that you know you can help. Rememer, they’re the ones who want to be sold to by you (in an authentic helpful way). And for the rest, the people who don’t need your service or product, it will just be white noise for them anyway so no loss there. 


Epic Sales Belief To Have # 3: There’s no such thing as a wasted opportunity!

Every conversation you have with someone, even if it doesn’t turn out to be a sale or a client today, could become one in the future. 

The number of times I’ve had clients reach out to me 6 months down the track, or even longer because they were talking to someone and heard of what I was offering. Or we’d had a conversation in the past and it’s now the right time to connect. 

Honestly, as consumers and buyers, our needs are constantly evolving and changing. Just because someone said no or not now once, doesn’t mean they won’t have a need to work with you or buy from you in the future. Or they’ll know someone else who does. 

So every opportunity is an opportunity to plant a seed and make an impression (and ps. the best impression you can make is by being authentically you!).

This is why it’s important to keep in mind that people don’t always remember what you’ve said, but they will remember how you made them feel. 

Nicky is a Sales & Business Growth Coach helping  women in business embrace the art (and heart) of selling.

Sales is at the heart of every successful business, without sales, your business is a hobby. And without scalable sales processes, your business will be stuck.    

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