As far as employees go, she was the most exceptional one you could ever meet:

  • Turned up to work early and stayed late
  • Went over an above expectations day in, day out
  • Lived and breathed the values, the epitome of culture in my business
  • Would put in more than 100% effort because she believed in my business

And yet, I didn’t pay her.

And when I did eventually pay her, it barely covered her living expenses, let alone any luxury that she so desperately deserved.

If this was true, you’d think I was crazy right?! 

I mean, aren’t we meant to reward our best employees with great salaries and a bonus system to keep them loyal?

But according to research by the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in 2013 they found that 51% of women small business owners do not pay themselves a wage.

And the conversation I have with women business owners tells the same story.

Like the client who has run a successful business for nearly 10 years, employs 14 staff and works crazy hours only to barely cover her mortgage payment with her wage.

This has to change!

If you’re in a similar situation, then it’s time to shift your mindset.

Often we think that our profit as the business owner comes from the old accounting system of


However, we need to flip this around. Instead, think of it as:


Whether you place your income in expenses or profit, your income target must include a payment to yourself as a priority.

There are many systems around to help you out – the book ‘Profit First’ by Mike Michalowicz is a great starting point to shift your mindset.

The best way to start is to start with a number. Any number!

Be consistent when you pay it. And keep increasing the amount regularly.

Because the alternative is not worth thinking about: you’re going to end up resenting your business. 

And ultimately? Perhaps wanting to leave to find a job that pays you better.

That means giving up on your dreams.

Let’s not do that.

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