You’ve been in business for some time, right? Maybe 5, 10, 20 years? And chances are you’ve had to hustle, make sacrifices, and work long hours to get to where you are today. 

But here’s the thing: eventually, you might hit a tipping point—the “perturbation point”—where you start questioning:

  • Is this even worth it?
  • What’s next for my business, my team, and myself?
  • How do I get to the next stage of growth?

And it feels really uncomfortable, because what got you to this point of success won’t be the thing that takes you to your next frontier of growth – both personally or professionally. There’s a heck of a lot of discomfort in this.


Why Do Business Owners and Leaders Reach This Point?

You’re not alone if you’re feeling like you’re on Juggle Street—doing everything for everyone, all the time. Your team might be doers rather than decision-makers, so they lean heavily on you for answers.

And if your business has grown rapidly, you might be caught in a whirlwind of business chaos, trying to reinvent the wheel every day.

There’s a critical point where business leaders start saying, “I can’t keep going like this.” This is the perturbation point, and there’s one of three outcomes that will unfold:

  1. Go Backwards: If you stay in juggle street or chaos, your team will feel the stress, leading to disengagement, burnout, potentially walk. You’ll feel it too, and your business could ultimately fail.
  2. Plateau: You might plateau, just keeping things “good enough” or burying your head in the sand. If you stay in this place too long, though, you’ll likely move backwards.
  3. Momentum: By shifting your approach and embracing smart growth and peak performance, you can break through to exponential growth.

Shifting from Juggle Street to Peak Performance

So how do you avoid the first two paths and achieve momentum? The secret is to move from juggle street and chaos to peak performance and smart growth. There’s two key areas to look at. 

Peak Performance Strategies:

  1. Culture: Create a culture where the team buys into your vision and is excited to come to work.
  2. Operating Rhythms: Establish structures, checklists, and KPIs that reduce daily reinvention.
  3. Skills: Develop your team through coaching and mentoring to empower them.

Smart Growth Strategies:

  1. Planning: Share structured plans with your team to reduce chaos and maintain focus.
  2. Sales: Keep customer acquisition and retention steady.
  3. Profit Management: Monitor your financial metrics to ensure profitability.

Your Actionable Action for This Week

Reflect on this: What stood out to you the most as you read through peak performance and smart growth strategies? Was there one particular area that is holding you back from reaching that next growth curve?

  • If it’s profit, check out our Profit Planner.
  • If it’s team empowerment, grab our Team Code Guide.
  • If it’s sales, use our Sales Productivity Strategy.
  • If it’s planning and prioritisation, download our Prioritisation Tool.

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Until next time, keep thriving.

Nicky is a Sales and Business Leadership Coach with over 2 decades experience in sales and leadership. She’s been running successful coaching businesses since 2015 and is obsessed with helping business owners and teams thrive. She helps her clients install smart business growth strategies and leverage leadership for peak performance.

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