You’ve invested in so many courses (and maybe completed some…#oooops).
You’ve tried so many different methodologies and frameworks from the experts.


Nothing seems to be working.
You’re in and out of overwhelm and feeling kinda stuck.
You just can’t stop comparing yourself to others and their success.
And to be honest, some days you’re pretty deflated and wondering why you went into business in the first place.

Seriously you thought the growing pains were over when you finally got the business off the ground and now it’s a bit like starting all over again.

We get it.

Your business has stages, phases and cycles (just like us women). 

Off the shelf cookie cutter designs that are a generic fit (just like a one-size-fits all dress or muumuu) are not the answer.   

You need to find services and solutions that are tailored and bespoke to your unique business needs. This entails taking a look at things like your specific market, history, client segment, opportunity, product and services, team.

Ask yourself these 3 important questions before investing in your next ‘big thing’:  

    • Can I talk about my specific problem in this environment (with enough time to delve deep)?  
    • What experience do they have working within my industry, ‘who are you to tell me what to do?’  
    • Consider the ROI (emotional or financial) you’ll get from the investment – see more on this where I share insights on the 3 reasons to get someone else to look at your business strategy