What The Queens Gambit taught us about good business

What The Queens Gambit taught us about good business

Okay, so if you’re reading this then we know The Queens Gambit caught your attention. And we totally get it.  

Not only is it entertaining, we think there are important messages that can be applied from this Netflix series to good business.   

The parallel’s to Beth’s journey and business success are as emotional as they are educational, as fun as they are scary and as heartfelt as they are practical. Let us show you why we think this to be true… 

  • If you don’t have a clear purpose, you can drift off in all the wrong directions. I mean isn’t this so true for both business and life!  
  • It’s never about the money. Say whaaaat!?! But honestly, money means nothing if you don’t connect it to your purpose, why you’re doing what you do and sharing it with others. Whether that be with loved ones and family or with causes that mean something to you.  
  • Poor money management can get you into all sorts of trouble, and then you’re right back where you started (who’s experienced this in the business world?)  
  • When you’re really clear on a goal, what you want to achieve and again, why it matters you’ll do anything to get there. We saw this when Beth finally committed to her purpose, she then made the decision to get to Russia and did whatever it took to get there (go Beth!)  
  • Don’t even get us started on the importance of role models and mentors to teach you things or share perspectives you don’t yet know or have yourself (these lessons might come from the most unexpected of places, like a janitor in the basement teaching and believing in you) 
  • We can only go so far alone. We saw Beth learnt this at the very end when her mastermind came together to help her prep for the ultimate game of her life. Side question: Who’s in your collective mastermind, helping you prep for the ultimate game of your life? 
  • We can’t be perfect… we can strive for high standards but if we’re too rigid in our growth (or too cocky) we’ll lose!  

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these parallels and take from these, the lessons you need to apply to your business today.  

If you need a hand with any of these areas, Ness and I are here to help. We help women with established businesses smash their business ceiling to improve sales and profitability, without the stress of doing it alone and we’d love to hear from you! 

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