The quality of your sales conversions comes down to the quality of your sales conversations. And this starts with knowing exactly who you want to work with and how you can get in front of them. 

If you’re finding that you’re wasting time on enquiries that aren’t converting to paying clients because they expect you to be ‘cheaper’ or ‘quicker’ or you just know they’re not the right fit…it could be because you’re not clear on, and therefore not attracting your most ideal client. 

Working with your ideal client is the sweet spot of finding the person you can help the best who is also the person you want to work with the most. 

Let me ask you this… if you were to hand over your sales and marketing to someone else in the team, would they be able to pick it up and keep running with it? 

Getting clear on who you’re targeting means you can put processes in place so that all the sales work in the business isn’t reliant solely on you. This saves you time, and money.

There are two key parts to making sure you’re being as efficient with your time as possible when it comes to reaching your ideal clients. 

  1. Be crystal clear on who your ideal client is and how to get in front of them
  2. Know if they’re cold, warm or hot (and I don’t mean in a sexy movie star kinda way!)

Be crystal clear on who you want to work with and who you can best serve and help.

Do you know these things about your ideal client?

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Needs and desires
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Pet peeves
  • Demographic 
  • Stage of life they’re in
  • How they’re feeling
  • What they want instead of what they have now
  • What keeps them up at night
  • The problem you’re helping solve for them
  • Why are they looking for you

If you don’t, take some time to map it out. If you want a hand with this, let us know as we have many templates and tips to help you go deeper with this! Email Nicky here. 

TOP TIP: Give your ideal client a name, it makes it more relatable and personable so you can really start to speak to them in your marketing and messaging. 

Now you can start to look at where your ideal client is hanging out. 

What media are they consuming, what social platforms are they hanging out on, do they go to in-person events? Can you see that if you position yourself in these places you’ll start to get noticed by the right type of people… your type of people. 

Cold, Warm and Hot Leads.

Now, to know if they’re cold, warm or hot is to first understand what the difference is and which of these phase’s people are coming into your sales and marketing funnel from.*Don’t have a funnel yet? Book a chat with Nicky and she can help make this happen. 

Cold… brrrrr oh so cold! These are prospects that either don’t yet know you, who you are, your brand or they’re not familiar with the type of work you do. What does a Coach do again…?!? 

They also might not realise that they have a need so they’re not yet in the ‘awareness’ phase of the buyer’s journey. 

Warm… things are starting to heat up! Now they’re starting to get to know you, trust you and like you. They’re familiar with who you are and the work you do, it’s just not the right time to work with you… yet. 

They might be getting into the ‘consideration’ phase of the buyer’s journey which means they’re aware that there’s a better way but they’re not quite sure what to do about it and they’re considering their options. 

Hot… we like it hot baby! Okay now, these types of leads (prospects) are either really familiar with you and/or the work you do, they’re hot and ready to buy. 

They’re not only aware there’s a better way of doing things, but they’ve also considered you as an option to help them and they’ve decided (yes this is the ‘decision’ phase of the buyer’s journey) that you’re the one to work with. 

This is the stage that your prospects (leads) become paying clients. And fingers crossed, if you’ve done the work above, they become clients that you adore working with who see value in what you provide them.. win/win! 

Understanding if you’re working with cold, warm or hot prospects allows you to manage your time efficiently and you can set up systems to move cold leads through to warm and hot without it being too hands-on… because let’s face it your hands are full enough running every other aspect of your business! 

If you want to learn more about attracting your ideal client or creating a funnel that speaks to cold, warm and hot leads come along to our Masterclass on the 8th March 2022. We’ll also be covering off ‘How to open and start a sales conversation with your ideal clients’ in the Masterclass. 


Nicky is a Sales and Business Leadership Coach with over 2 decades experience in sales and leadership. She’s been running successful coaching businesses since 2015 and is obsessed with helping business owners and teams thrive. She helps her clients install smart business growth strategies and leverage leadership for peak performance.

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