Are you someone who gets to the beginning of a new year in business and like every year before, you start mapping out your plan for the year ahead? And then find yourself looking at a blank piece of paper and feeling stuck? 

If you’re nodding along with me now, then I feel your pain! This is my sixth year of repeating that process and I can honestly it has only become easier in the last two years. After years of trial and error, here is the four-step process that I believe is critical for your success.

Review your vision, mission and purpose. 

At B2 we call this your True North. Connecting to your purpose as the first step is so important. This includes reviewing your vision, mission, and purpose. As well as your values, standards and expectations before setting your goals. Have any of them changed from last year? What do you need to add this year to make sure you are still loving what you do?

Just get started – done is better than perfect!

Hands up if you are awesome at ‘procrasta-faffing’! When I first heard that term I connected with it deeply. #funnynotfunny. But as time goes on I know that if I just start writing stuff down, even if it’s ‘wrong’ it’s a starting point to continue from. As time goes on you can come back and update it, because it’s the actions you take that create results, not the process of writing down the goal.

Use the good / better / best formula when setting money goals

I remember when I worked with a business coach early in my business, he was very keen for me to set a really high money goal. Like, so far out of my comfort zone I knew deep down I wouldn’t be able to reach it. Fast forward a couple of years and I heard about the formula that took the pressure off but also inspiring me to do better. Set yourself three money goals:

  • Good – more than last year but not a huge stretch
  • Better – this one takes you out of your comfort zone and shows at least a 20% change from the previous year
  • Best – this one is the ‘OMG, that would be amazing’ goal

Include personal goals/upgrades that align with your income goals

A recent addition I love is looking at the whole picture of business and life. Of course, it’s important to set your business goals, also look at the goals that apply to your life. What areas do you want to upgrade? One of the upgrades I want this year is hiring a gardener (in addition to my cleaners). I’ve started my list of upgrades I want, and they inspire me to reach my business goals so that I can benefit from the flow-on effect. What are your personal goals and upgrades for this year?

Remember, there will be times throughout the year where you won’t feel motivated, excited or inspired. That’s part of the ebb and flow of business (and life!) but knowing you can come back to your true north in those times will mean you have the best chance of staying on track.

If you want extra support with goal setting and staying on track with your goals, then come along to our next True North Workshop. You can register your interest here