Chances are you’ve been in business for some time, you have an established business and you know that to build a business from nothing, it takes a certain amount of hard work and hustle.

Whether you love or hate a bit of hustle in your business, it’s important to remember when you get to a certain phase in business – taking a hustle type approach is not going to get you to your next level of growth.

To give some context – when I talk hustle, I’m talking about the constant go go go. The never-ending grind that’s needed in the beginning stages of a business. While you might have to bring this in the early days, if you keep the hustle and grind once you have something established, you’re not going to bring anything of benefit to your business or yourself.

A lot of us have a belief that to be successful, we have to work hard. We’ve picked this belief up somewhere along the way. And the problem is that all the years you’ve been achieving success through “working hard” you’ve been unconsciously collecting evidence ie. proving to yourself that this low-quality belief (that to achieve success, you have to “work hard”) is true.

This then assumes that when you stop working hard, the success will stop.

It’s simply not true. And let me explain why…

In the early days, you need to put in double the effort for half the reward. Yep, you read that right. Remember when you had to…

  • Have extra sales conversations to convert clients
  • Spend lots more time figuring out how to do… well everything!
  • Say yes to clients that weren’t your ideal clients
  • Set up new processes and systems that had never been used before and it seemed to take fooooreeeeever… especially when there were tech issues

NOW it’s time for you to get double the result with half the effort.  

And we know you can do it because…

  • You have the foundations in business already set up to build on
  • You’re in a position to not have to do everything yourself *Helloooo outsourcing!
  • You know you can deliver great value – you’ve got the existing and previous clients to prove it
  • You know exactly who the best type of client is that you can help the most whilst enjoying working with them
  • And let’s face it, if you keep doing things the way you’ve done them, you could end up resenting your business, not keeping up with growth, or maybe even burning out. Not a pretty place to be.

So make sure you remember, your business doesn’t need you doing everything in it. It no longer needs you to hustle and grind.

What it does need is for you to step into the space of visionary, idea generator, innovator and for you to focus on the areas that are aligned with you being in your genius zone.

If you want more ideas on how to double your income without working twice as hard, check out this video now.