Have you ever felt as though you know your destination, you know exactly where you want to end up but you’re not sure of the best way to get there? 

Your options are to wing it. Or you can pop the destination in the GPS to know what bumps, traffic jams and obstacles lay ahead. 

A business health check can be the equivalent of a GPS for your business!

Knowing what areas in business to look out for and what obstacles may lay ahead allows you to be strategic in the growth of your business and your wealth. 

I wonder if you relate to the feeling of your business running you instead of you running your business?

A business health check can give you the green light for the areas to keep going. And red lights to alert you to upcoming dangers. 

We know there’s a direct link between business success and a thriving culture, high performance and effective leadership. 

So having transparency in these areas alongwith support and clear direction will help shine a light on the blind spots you can’t see for yourself. 

Introducing Business Together’s COMPASS

We’ve created a 7 point system leading businesses to sustainable and long term success. 

COMPASS lays the foundation of ensuring your business continues to move in the right direction. It’s a compass for your business success. 

COMPASS considers:

  1. Culture
  2. Operating rhythms
  3. Mindset and attitudes
  4. Profitability 
  5. Action with purpose
  6. Sales 
  7. Skills of the team

If you’d like two experienced business coaches to bring their decades of knowledge into your business, book a chat and find out how COMPASS can help you get back in the driver’s seat of your business. 

With an instinctive curiosity for human behaviour, over 20 years of experience in sales and leadership, Nicky and Ness are obsessed with helping women in business break the cycles that hold them back from creating profitable businesses they love, without sacrificing time or life. 

Each having run their own successful coaching businesses for 7 years, they came together to start Business Together working with female led, service-based businesses with teams.

Their clients have often experienced rapid growth not being able to keep up with the systems, structures, and team growth. As a result the business owner gets stuck in the busy trap, they’re juggling all the balls in business and find themselves in a place of business chaos. 

If this sounds like you, book a complimentary chat with Nicky and Ness to see if they can help you find time freedom again, get peak performance within the team and have a focus on smart growth in the business.

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