PART 2:  We take a deeper dive into how you can make time, to take time out of your business (despite your chaotic schedule). So that you can run your business and your business stops running you.

When you take a step back from your business, you see things in a different light and from a different perspective. This means you can start seeing things (opportunities, different ways of doing things) that you can’t see when you’re stuck in that state of whirlwind.  

5 things you can do to take a step back: 

    1. Prioritise at least one thing a week that focus’ solely your your health and well being.
    2. Make sure you have a business plan that focuses on big picture strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a plan on a page is great!  
    3. Look to your community of biz besties for support (could be a mastermind group) so that you’re having great conversations about scaling and growing your business, overcoming real-time challenges and up-level’ing your business and your life.  
    4. Lock in a minimum of 2 days every 6 months (at a minimum – ideally every quarter) to do a holistic business retreat where you go away and focus solely and wholly on business strategy and learning how to prioritise life whilst running a successful business.  
    5. Put structure and systems in place to help with accountability around prioritise you, creating and checking the progress of your business strategy, doing your business retreats and quarterly check-ins, having those conversations with your biz besties. 


Remember it’s costing YOU and your business more if you don’t take time out to look at things strategically and from a big picture point of view.